Choose for a quick wash of your interior or exterior. Quickly a clean car, with which you can immediately get back on the road.

Have your car washed completely ecologically with steam. The interior, exterior, rims and air ducts are all steamed.

Have the interior of your car cleaned extremely deeply. Stains are steamed out of carpets, chairs, walls and ceilings.

We recommend that you clean the entire engine room at least once a year to ensure that it is free of dirt and oil.

With our paintwork treatments, your car will have a radiant shine again. All micro-scratches and circles are expertly removed.

For companies we come on site, equipped with all the equipment the entire fleet ecological cleaning.



Reduce labor, chemical,
and otherfacility maintenance costs,
and increases productibity


Improuve health, safety and overall,
appearance of facility.


Concerve water and other
critical naturalresources while reducing
waste and pollution.

Use our FREE bicycles ...

While we handle your car, you can borrow one of our available Steamwash bicycles for a healthy journey through our Artevelde city.

Meet Our Team

With us, the water flows carefree from the tap, while elsewhere in the world people die every day from drought.
As a young Ghent entrepreneur, I see it as my responsibility to take account of people and the environment.

"As a young entrepreneur, it was very important for me to think about my future and that of others. Throughout the climate debate that we are currently in and on the other hand my love for the automotive sector, I could not help but immerse myself in a alternative way of cleaning cars. The classic carwash uses up to 500 liters of water per car. Elsewhere in the world people die because of drought. I'm not a hypocrite, so it's my genes to take action - that's how I came up with the idea to clean cars and other vehicles with steam. This way we only need 2 liters of water to clean a complete vehicle."

Cem Yaman

Manager of Steamwash

Steamwash is more than just a carwash

In addition to cleaning cars, we can of course also wash many other vehicles.

Motorbike enthusiasts can also come to Steamwash for an ecological clean-up. In just 20 minutes we will steam your bike back to the smallest detail.

With our steam technology, we wash trucks in a clean and tidy way, both outside and inside. Your tractor, cargo space or semi-trailer can be intensively cleaned on site by our mobile cleaners as standard or deep.

The dirt from algae, moss and downtime is expertly removed on site with our steam engines. The interior of your boat is also possible with only a few liters of water are completely cracked.

For companies we come on location, equipped with all equipment the entire fleet of ecological cleaning. Also for deep cleansing and acti-bacterial air conditioning treatment.

Your caravan or mobile home is like your second home and you want to keep it as clean as possible. Both the interior, exterior, toilet, bathroom and kitchen on location completely clean steamed.

Construction cranes, tractors, excavators and other construction machinery are also part of the specialty of our cleaners. On location and after regular working hours we take care of your entire park.

Make your car cleaner than ever.

Official distributor of Menikini

Menikini is the world leader in the development of steam machines for ecological cleaning. The Italian family business, which was founded in 1973, has since grown to become the largest innovative producer in the sector. Menikini is all about professionalism, trust and respect for people and the environment.

Official distributor of Twist

You run an independent carwash? Does your automotive company have its own car wash but would you like to switch to an ecological way of car washing? Then we provide your company with all the necessary machines, accessories and training to independently clean your own fleet or that of your customers.

Keep your car 365 days a year

Met en zonder afspraak

Hoewel het vaak druk kan zijn in onze wasstraat is het niet noodzakelijk een afspraak te maken voor een normale schoonmaakbeurt. Wil je echter zo snel mogelijk uw wagen laten wassen dan adviseren wij om een afspraak in te plannen. Is het interieur van uw wagen danig vuil dat het noodzakelijk is een dieptereiniging uit te voeren, dan is een afspraak maken wél nodig. Bij een dieptereiniging van het interieur worden de wanden, tapijten en zetels zeer intens en veelvoudig gereinigd. Hierdoor kan een dieptereiniging soms enkele uren duren vooraleer we compleet klaar zijn met uw wagen. Het resultaat is weliswaar altijd verbluffend. Het lijkt zelfs alsof uw wagen een compleet nieuw interieur heeft gekregen.

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